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Established in 2017, FYS Therapy provides speech and language services via teletherapy for children and adults in Illinois and Iowa. We understand how difficult it can be to have flexibility within one's schedule, therefore, we aim to make receiving these vital services as easy as possible. Convenient daytime and evening hours are available. At this time, face-to-face sessions are not available.

More about the Founder of FYS Therapy


Senta has been a speech pathologist for over 10 years. Across those 10 years, she dabbled in different areas while maintaining her full-time position at a high school in Illinois. Working with school-aged children gave her the opportunity to help individuals with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, and more. She loved working in this setting and found joy in the opportunity to see her students as they grew personally and academically over the years. 

During her 7 years at the high school, Senta also spent time working in a hospital doing PRN work on the weekends, covered maternity leaves at an outpatient rehab facility, and worked part-time in a pediatric clinic during after-school hours. Each of these settings holds a special place in her heart and helped mold her into the therapist she is today.


In 2017, Senta gave birth to her daughter. After this, she decided it was time to try a new endeavor and she embarked on her journey of creating FYS Therapy Services. She started out seeing clients in their homes, gradually moved to seeing them in a local play gym, then things changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. Senta now sees all clients online. This has proved to be a blessing, however, as her clients were able to transition well and enjoy teletherapy just as much as in person. She looks forward to continuing with online speech therapy!

Senta Emmons, M.S., CCC-SLP/L
Speech Language Pathologist & Owner

"FYS Therapy is a small family-style practice that allows me to build deeper relationships with my clients. Each session is fun, easy-going, yet efficient. We get the things done that need to get done all while enjoying our time together. Children and adults alike smile during our sessions and leave with a sense of accomplishment. I relate well with my clients and make sure to treat them with respect and dignity no matter the diagnosis. 

~Senta Emmons

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